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Scientific Apparatus

We are a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Scientific Apparatus such as Ampoule filling & Sealing device, Ampoule Washing Device, Anderson Pippette, Bottle Cap, Sealing Machine, Mill Bulk Density Apparatus, Liquid Filling Machine, Conical Percolator, Collapsible Tube/Ointment Filling Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Disintegration test Machine, Ampoule filling & Sealing Device, Ampoule Washing Device,  Bottle Cap Sealing Machine, Ball Mill ,Table coating pan, Double unit organ bath, Tablet hardness tester, Tube crimping and sealing machine, Aseptic cabinet, Tablet friability Test app., Centrifuge machines, suppository moulds, Electro convelsometer, Actophotometer, cooks pole climbing app., Melting Point Apparatus, Rota rod app etc.


The disintegration tester measures time required under a given set of conditions for tablets to disintegrate into particles. Generally, this test is useful as a quality assurance tool for conventional dosage forms. Disintegration is a measure of the quality of the oral dosage form like tablets and capsules. The disintegration test is performed to find out the time it takes for a solid oral dosage form like a tablet or capsule to completely disintegrate. The time of disintegration is a measure of the quality.

Centrifugal machine with electric motor, fitted with metal bowl and lid about 3600 revolution per minute, electrically operated, controlled with ten speed rotary switch. In operation all parts remain cool even after long periods of use. The motor and controls are totally enclosed for safety. The motor is supported on flexible rubber mountings which make critical balancing of the tubes unnecessary. The centrifuge is ready for use with three core cord and plug works on 220 volts A.C SUPPLY.

Our Digital Actophotometer measures the spontaneous and indicated activity with digital totalizes.
It also incorporates electric shock of upto 100volts for activating rats. Our Digital Actophotometer can measure stimulus of is variable from 0-100volt and indicating on meter.

The Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine manufactured by us is widely supplied to Pharmaceutical Industry as no alternative is available in the market.

The Ampoule is hygienically filled and sealing prevents the chemical packed from external contaminants.
Hand Operated without gas cylinder for sealing, but supplied with gas burner (Filling capacity from 10ml to 5

Tablet-Disintegration with Single Disc with six removable glass vessels have a stainless steel wire mesh bottom, which dip in water in a beaker of 1000ml kept

Analgesiometer Eddy'S Hot Plate.
With square box consisting of 30x30cms, heating surface with perpex enclosure and solid state digital temperature controller with indicating galvanometer to set surface temp.Between 300_to800_C

Digital Tele-Thermometer by National Scientific Apparatus Works is ideal, low cost, highly accurate, user friendly and easy to operate instrument used for pyrogen testing in pharmaceutical industries. The instrument has 6 channels so that temperature of 6 different rabbits can be monitored simultaneously. Special temperature probes are provided which can be easily inserted in the anus of the rabbits. Any of the 6 channels can be selected by a rotary switch provided on the front panel.

Perspex organ bath with fine thermostatic temperature control; electric stirrer; and complete set of accessories, making it a versatile unit for all research work. Bath 12"x9"x8", with leak proof dovetailed joints, resting in sturdy metal frame; top of the bath carries a 1"x3/8" thick band, for fixing accessories, Inside the bath is a metal sheathed heating element (easily replaceable), controlled by means of a fine adjustable thermostat with sensitivity ± 1°C. The stirrer unit is completely independent and dips in the bath in one corner, fixing on its special stainless steel upright. A MS junction box is fitted to the bath frame, and carries all the electrical leads and connections, Two pilot lamps indicate functioning of the thermostat and stirrer.

Standard components are :

  • Two stainless steel capillary levers
  • Four stainless steel uprights with boss heads                     
  • Double set of glass inner vessels.                         
  • X blocks
  • Oxygen tubes
  • Warming coils

  • Activity Cage

  • Ampoule Filling & Sealing Device

  • Disintegration Test Apparatus

  • Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

  • Capsule Filling Machine