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Electronic Products

Electronic Products

We offer a wide range of Scientific Research & Educational Electronic Products which is inclusive of Power supplies, Battery Eliminators, Step down Transformers, Plank s constant App, Function generators, All type of Theorems, Transistor Characteristics App., BH curve App. .,e/m by helical Method, Hartley oscillator, CRO single and dual trace, Half wave/full wave, Decade resistance boxes, Watt meters, Anderson bridge, FEt Ch. App etc.



Owing to the sophisticated designing facility, we have been able to offer Dual Output DC Regulated Power Supplies. We offer our patrons a wide assortment of Multi Output 0-30V-2Amp, 0 to 15V-1Amp and 0 to 5V-5A and DC Regulated Power Supply with Four Digital Meters under this category. All the offered instruments are developed by the experts in compliance with the international standards.


AC / DC Multi Output Power Supply

  • Input voltage 220 ac 50hz
  • AC out put : 500v ac ,250v ac ,100v ac.
  • DC output : 500v , 250v , 100v, 50v , 10v
  • AC current : 30amps , 10amps , 5amps , 1amps
  • DC current : 30amps, 10amps , 5amps, 1amps

DC IC Regulated Power Supply with Analog Meter

Specifications :

  • Input : 230Volts AC 50c/S
  • Output H.T. : 0-300VoltsDC At 2Amps
  • Bias : 0-30Volts At 10ma
  • 2 Analog Meter Regulation : ± 1 %
  • Stabilization : Better Than 1 %
  • For A Variation Of 10 % AC Main Supply.
  • Ripple Content : Approximately 10 Milli Volts.
  • Power Requirements : 230Volts AC 50c/S

Battery Eliminator offered by us is ideally designed to be safe & reliable source of low voltage D.C., for use in class rooms. Both, Universal DC Battery Eliminator and Universal AC Battery Eliminator are available in the market. Allow teachers to conduct experiments requiring a variety of direct voltages while avoiding the decreased characteristics of dry cell. Comprising a heavy duty transformer wound with copper wire with high lamination to avoid losses, selector switch & bridge rectifiers (consists of full wave silicon diode bridge rectifier) with jewel light and safety fuse. We are also reputed amongst the dependable Drill Battery Eliminator Manufacturers, based in India.

Output 2-12 VD.C in steps of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 Volts

  • Colony Counter

  • Batttery Eliminator

  • FET Characteristic Appratus

  • Impedance Circuit Apps

  • Planck's Constant Apprratus

  • Digital Photo Colorimeter

  • Sodium Vapour Lamp Transformer