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Educational Meters

Educational Meters

National Scientific Apparatus Works, as a leading manufacturer and supplier specializes in offering various kinds of Educational Meters, educational desk stand meters and scientific instruments. Since its establishment in 1964, we have produced a complete series of Educational Meters, pointer type Panel Meters, Desk Stand Meters and Digital Meters, which include Ammeters, Voltmeters, Galvanometers, Portable Meters, Ohm's Meters, Demonstration Meters etc.

  • Multi-Meter : Great handheld digital multi-meter for quick and easy testing; Includes easy reading display and continuity testing; also has long battery life.
  • Crocodile clip :  Spring - loaded with serrated jaws and hard plastic insulating sleeves at the press-ends. Screw to connect end of lead wire.

    • Black

    • Red

  • Moving Coil Panel Meters

    • MO-65 ROUND

    • MR-65 SQUARE

  • Educational Desk Stand Meters

    • MR-100 Rectangular

    • MO-65 ROUND


  • Ballistic galvanometers
  • Spot reflecting galvanometers
  • Tangent Galvanometer

Portable Meters

  •  Portable meter wooden case
  •  Portable meter abs plastic case
  •  Portable wattmeter
  •  Ohms law apparatus
  •  Resistance in series & parallel apparatus
  •  Study of logic gates (6 in 1)
  •  Pn junction diode

Power Supplies

  • Battery eliminator
  • I.c. Regulated power supply
  • Low-tension variable voltage supply

Spot Reflecting Galvanometer : These spot reflecting galvanometer provides effective detection of currents . Cambridge type with built-in lamp & scale will works on 6v battery too 125 or 625 ohm ses. period 1.8 sec. damping 1000 ohms Shunt power D/1, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000, & S/C in steel tough bakelite case

  • Ohms Meter

  • Educational Desk Stand Meter

  • Meter With Stand MO-65

  • Multimeter

  • Tangent Galvanometer

  • Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

  • Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

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